5 Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs When Using Facebook Paid Ads

 Don’t Dupe Yourself, These Mistakes Will Steer You In The Right Direction

It is undeniable how Facebook has helped a lot of businesses flourish by using the site as their marketing platform.

A lot of businesses- big or small- has made use of the platform and it has helped them garner a lot of customers in a short span of time as well.

That being said, this is not to say that using Facebook as a social media marketing platform has not without its own faults. Today, I am going to talk about some mistakes that you should avoid when using Facebook paid ads.


  1. Not Having A Main Objective

In just about anything that you do in business, it always has to be centered around the main objective, even for social marketing as well. This means that advertising on Facebook should follow suit as well.

There are some business owners who blindly use different ad campaigns just for the sake of it and not really because they want to satisfy or meet their end goal.

With a plethora of ways where advertising through social media includes different ad campaigns, you have to narrow your choices down to the things that will really help your venture grow.

Suppose that you want more brand awareness, use that in conjunction with your content marketing strategy to boost the results. But, do not expect that campaign to vastly improve your conversion rates because such ads were not meant to boost that in the first place.

Always make choices that will help you reach the desired objective right from the get-go.


  1. Targeting a Broad Audience

Why do you think people still use ad-blockers to this day when using their favorite internet browser? It is to make sure that certain ads that they really do not care about will not come and annoy them.

The same principle can be said when talking about Facebook ads. Sure, you want a lot of people to know of your brand and service, but it is wrong to use the platform to broadcast your ads to the vast majority of the client base.

Surely, you can end up getting more clicks and traffic, but if your intention was to improve your conversions, then you will be saddened with the results since people will most likely not convert, simply because the products that you offer them is not something interesting or useful to them.

Always target your ads only to the specific audience. Not only will you save a ton of money doing it this way but it can also help that you do not annoy people who have no interest in the products that you sell.


  1. Not Testing Things Out

With so many options that can choose, it would be easy for you to get lost in the details. And that is why not testing things out is quite common. There is a lot of variables that gives you varying results. Therefore, you have to test things out and only use the ones that provide the best value for you.


  1. Not Finding the Audience “Sweet Spot”

I mentioned earlier that you have to target your ads to a specific audience, but there is also a point where you can get too narrow of an audience; severely limiting your potential reach.

You have to find the sweet spot by testing your ads on a somewhat broader audience. So instead of focusing only on teens, why not include young adults as well? Again, testing things out will help you know which strategies you should use in the long run.


  1. Not Using High-Quality and Relevant Images

I used to be someone who doesn’t read any social media related content if it doesn’t contain any pictures in it. Although I’ve learned to embrace all forms of content, there are still some people who are the same as I once was.

Therefore, it is imperative that you not only create high-quality content, but you also have to make sure to include some high-quality images in it as well.