5 Things to Consider When Creating Social Media Ads

Creating an ad on social media is not as easy as it looks like. In a place populated with tweets, photos, and updates, it’s quite challenging to produce advertisements that people will like, comment on, and even share. But it’s still possible to catch the attention of your followers. Take a look at these tips for some ideas in creating an ad that sells:

1.Make eye-catching animations.

There is a little possibility for people to notice every single image you share because they tend to scroll fast. That is why it matters to come up with animated images that will help you stand out. A 30-second video or even less will not hurt to grab some attention. So produce videos out of your written content, and this is the way how to advertising through social media.

2.Work using the resources available.

Social media is quite a fast world. It will take time if you are creating an ad from scratch. So once you received the new brief to create an ad, think of ways where you can recreate them or do many ads using the resources that are readily available. For instance, if you don’t have the budget to film on the streets and obtain permits for it, you can use a GoPro or any high-tech camera to shoot indoors and just do some video editing work.

3.Create content for all platforms.

Make sure that your ads can be easily altered so you can still use them for other social media sites. If you are active on many different platforms, it’s not enough that you just create an ad for Facebook. You also have to share those ads on sites like Twitter or Instagram. It should also be shareable on YouTube.

4.Don’t sacrifice quality.

It’s a given that you need to be resourceful enough especially when you don’t have enough budget to create a really good ad. But that should not be an excuse not to create something that people will love. People appreciate urgency and resourcefulness but they also know when you’re doing everything you can to try to please them.

5.Make sure your content is mobile-friendly.

The ad should work well regardless of the kind of device a person is using. But as much as possible, keep the mobile optimized as more and more people are using their smartphones to browse. Snapchat, for instance, can only be used through a smartphone device. Other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter can be accessed through desktop but many people still use smartphones to visit these sites. Around 96% of Twitter users are on mobile while on Instagram, there are as much as 98% of mobile users.

Is it worth it to create designs that are desktop-optimized? Yes, there are people who still depend heavily on their desktops to browse. But the majority would rather browse from a phone basically because it’s more handy. So to sum it all up, think of your smartphone users first when designing a new content for your social media site.