The Myths of Mobile App Development

It should come as no surprise that any entrepreneur that wants their businesses to succeed in this day and age would require a mobile app.

The world has become mobile and any business owner that doesn’t adhere to the current trend will surely be left out by the pack.

Even though this is common knowledge by now, there are still some entrepreneurs who do not make moves to create their own applications simply because they believe certain myths to be true.

So in today’s article, I will talk about some of the most persistent mobile app development out there that needs to die a digital death.

1. A Mobile App Idea is All You Need

Sure, you need an app idea to get things started, but the idea should also be feasible as well. There are a lot of ideas out there that do not get fully realized simply because implementing such features is either not feasible or it is just not possible at all.

One popular example of this is Google Wave. You’re probably not aware of it, right? That is because it was never actually released.

For those of you who do not know, Google Wave is supposed to be the next big communication tool. But, because the app is so complex and cannot be simplified for the end user, the idea is scrapped altogether.

2. Developing Apps is All About the Use of Programming Languages

Although you need to use a programming language or two to create apps, it is not the only thing that is needed for app development.

To create an app, you also need to think about the design, the user experience, the architecture, programming languages and frameworks to use, etc.

An app could be simplified for the end user, but it doesn’t mean that the application was created easily as it needs to run through different stages of development.

3. Your Application Will Get Famous without Doing Anything

Anyone foolish enough to believe this myth will cry because your application will not be noticed. If you just look at one single app store, you will find many different applications with many different features. Even some mobile app design company falls to this myth sometimes.

Without proper marketing, your application will barely get noticed. You have to use the proper channels and avenues which includes promoting your app on social media, on different community forums, etc.

4. App Store Optimization is All You Need

Think of ASO like SEO in the sense that you can get your app noticed more readily if you use its techniques rather than apps who do not.

But although it improves your chances of getting seen, it doesn’t mean that you will indeed get seen.

Implement the right ASO techniques and also use your marketing strategy to help your app get noticed by the general public.

5. The Features of Your App Will Instantly Give You Success

Indeed, the features of your app will give you success, but that is only if those features give benefit to the end user.

6. Mobile App Analytics Will Provide You with Data Regarding How Your App is Performing

To some extent, this is true. But, it will not give you the entire picture. Instead of focusing on analytics, you should also make strides to look at other aspects as well such as looking for screens with usually minimal engagement, measuring competitors’ app’s performance with yours, among others.