7 Savvy SEO Copywriting Tricks and Tips for Savvy Bloggers

Good content is always written with by a seo search engine service optimization strategy in mind. Those two things always go together. Are you thinking of making new content for your website? Well, you better keep these SEO copywriting tricks and tips in mind.

  • Keep your paragraphs short and interesting.

During college and high school, your English teacher would require you to stick to the 5 to 7 sentences each paragraph rule. In the digital content world, however, you need to keep paragraphs sweet and short. If you can, stick to 2 to 4 sentences to be able to increase readability. This way, your readers will spend more time in your website.

  • Write headings with numbers.

Struggling to increase your page views? Incorporate numbers in your headlines! Some studies have shown that specific titles and headlines with numbers (most especially odd digits!) have higher click-through rates.

What does including a number in your post mean, though? Well, suggests that your post will be a fast, easy-to-read material. It can provide an immediate answer to whatever it is that your audience is looking for.

  • Add include subheaders.

A snazzy headline can draw readers, but getting those readers to stay longer is a whole new art.  It’s no secret that nobody wants to read huge blocks of boring texts, right? Always include subheads to decrease bounce rates, and break up content.

Want a bonus tip? Incorporate header tags into your subheads. Trust me, your search engine otpimization rankings will thank you for it.

  • Pictures = Clicks

Content that includes images and other interesting visual graphics are said to rake in 94% more views. When optimized properly, these images can have a direct positive impact on your search engine optimization strategy.

  • Stay on top of the best trending topics.

Always stay on top of the most controversial trending topics.  However, it’s important to keep your website content trendy, too. Why not create a blogging calendar? You can outline hot topics each month!

  • Never abandon your meta data.

Meta data is extremely important when publishing new website content. That is an SEO best practice. Not including meta data nearly kills the purpose of implementing brand new content.

The bottom line is, never skip your meta data optimization tasks. Your titles and descriptions should always be optimized with high-volume keywords.

  • Put call-to-action statements.

What is professional content marketing and copywriting without a call-to-action statement? Content bulks up your SEO strategy, and it motivates your readers to do what you want them to do. Why not invite them to sign up for a webinar or a weekly newsletter? What about a scheduled test drive? Call-to-actions can truly move mountains, so as much as possible, incorporate high-traffic keywords in your statements.

Any thoughts on these SEO copywriting tricks and tips?

Are you excited to put everything into work? As a blogger and digital marketing professional, you should know the true value of web content optimization. Whether you’ll optimize your blog or your company’s homepage content, always remember that your SEO strategy is a primary player.