Some websites are absolutely gorgeous while some are horrid. However, there is an evolving discipline which takes web design to a whole new level.

I am referring to Brutalism and how it is applied in the context of website design. In this article, I am going to talk about what it is and how you can start implementing that in the next website design projects that you get. This is based on the website development company.

What is ‘Brutalist’ Web Design?

An article that is going to talk about implementing certain things on your website will not be complete without discussing what Brutalist really means.

You might think that this is more about being brutal or something of that sort when it comes to web design, but that is just far from the truth. The term was actually coined from a French term that means “Raw Concrete”.

It was actually a popular term that was used to create European buildings around the end of World War 2. Since most countries worldwide have their resources pretty much depleted, the people opted for simpler yet somehow unorthodox structures that are functionally great while also having that odd but great design.

That is where the inspiration for Brutalist Web Design comes from. This philosophy exists because there are far too many websites that are cliché and follow the norm.

This discipline simply just takes the rules and burn them. This is a more unorthodox approach of implementing design elements while also maintaining functionality as its core principle.

That being said, how you can make a Brutalist website?

  1. Use Templates or Create Your Own

When you use a CMS like WordPress, there are some templates that fit the bill. These are the Glitch, Brutal, and FlowMag Themes. However, these themes might not suit your taste. If that is so, then you can create your very own.

You start by using a reasonably flat base or an overall theme with a flat design. Luckily, there are plenty of themes out there that fits the description.

  1. Start Adding Graphical Elements

Once you’ve settled with a theme, you can then start adding some graphical elements as you see fit.

You start first with the colors. The Brutalist theme, as I’ve said earlier, throws the normal conventions that people use. Usually, people make use of colors that fit the Psychology of the people they want to attract.

But no, you do not want to follow the norm. So, instead of using such color schemes, you make use of colors that are obtrusive and garish. For instance, use a Royal Blue backdrop with White and Red colors for the fonts.

For the actual fonts, you want to use a Sans-Serif Typeface, but you do not want to set it to just 16px, no. You want to make it as big as possible while also maintaining “web-safe” principles.

By web safe, I mean something that is garish yet still doesn’t put off the visitors of your site.

Creating a Brutalist website is all about creativity and imagination. For the most part, you’re going to throw the clichés and normal conventions, but you still make it so that the website is still functional as well.