Best Online Tools for SEO

Best Online Tools for SEO: 4 Free Must-Haves for Website SEO

Are still using the same exact underperforming keywords? Do you want to level up your SEO game. Then, you need the help of awesome, reliable online tools. You can’t just optimize a few webpages for a single popular keyword, and forget about them. Every SEO marketing strategy needs to evolve, and emphasize content sociability and quality.

How to discover new, high-quality keywords?

Check out Google Keyword Tool, and traffic estimator.

Looking for keywords is more than just determining a competitive phrase or word.

Finding keywords of high commercial value is not an easy task. Google Keyword Tool can help you customize your keywords, depending on a specific category. This can range from entertainment and education to arts and entertainment. You must refine your keyword ideas by device, language and country.

Google Trends, on the other hand, can help you check how often a specific keyword is searched. Assess your competitors’ strength using the data that you will get. You will be able to determine the keyword’s popularity and commercial value.

How to keep an eye to your strongest competitors?


Use SEMRush.

SEMRush is a reliable SEO tool combining the most efficient competition research and keyword searches. Monitor how your website is performing on Bing and Google. Look for hidden keywords utilized by competitors, compare performances and monitor commonly searched words.


How to monitor content engagement and analysis?

Check Google Analytics.

Google Analytics provides comprehensive details in 5 categories: conversions, content, traffic sources, audience and advertising. If you are just beginning your SEO journey, some of these data may not be relevant for you. Begin by determining your current content engagement level and conversion rates. Google Analytics can present a visual breakdown for your content interactivity.

Google Analytics makes it possible for you to see unique social actions, including the time spent by your visitors on every part of your website.

How can you analyze your website speed?

Try GTmetrix.

If you are getting high bounce rates, then maybe it’s because your website has a slow loading time. According to GTmetrix’s studies, visitors leave a webpage If it hasn’t completely loaded in around 4 seconds. This tool can monitor website loading time, and can provide recommendations to speed it up.

How can you move beyond your rank? How can you monitor content and sociability?

The aforementioned tools are part of holistic approaches in achieving great content and quality. Remember content quality is just as significant as content optimization. Keywords matter a lot. In content creation, you should always focus on relevancy and themes.

Another thing that can positively impact your SEO strategy is social media integration. Sociable web content tells Google that your posts are relevant, and should be ranked higher in SERPs.