1. Please give us a little foundation on yourself, how you started an eCommerce business, and how it’s going for you at the present time.

I’m a Texas-based entrepreneur and blogger over at Drink Coffee and Prosper. I educate readers about telecommuting, beginning a business to make money online, blogging, side hustles, and then some.

I have an MBA from Texas A&M University and a foundation in business and finance. I was working in banking for ten years before I decided enough was enough, and I wanted to, at long last, pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

During the last year at my employer, I decided to begin a business. I tried numerous things: freelance composition, selling Twitter fan packages, and the sky is the limit from there.

I was very miserable at my particular employment and was really ready to take a stab at whatever would enable me to earn a full-time income telecommuting and to be an entrepreneur. After many failed efforts, something at long last stuck.

I opened a women’s style retail store on the Storenvy stage. I made my first sale not long after propelling, and soon after, I was earning enough income to stop my normal everyday employment, so I did! One year after beginning the e-commerce business, I quit my normal everyday employment to pursue entrepreneurship full time.

Quick forward, 2.5 years later, I was the owner of 3 e-commerce businesses. I sold my unique online store, restructured the other two, and I’ve added teaching courses and blogging to my repertoire!

My remaining e-commerce business has enjoyed its second successful Christmas season and is expected to experience some large positive changes and development in 2017.

2. What amount do you currently earn through this avenue? What amount of time do you dedicate to it?

When every one of the three stores were in the pivot, I earned an average of $19,000/month (each store) in revenue.

My remaining e-commerce store earns $11K-$15K/month operating low maintenance, and I dedicate around 5-10 hours/week.

3. What exactly is an eCommerce business? Would you be able to explain this more for those who have no idea?

An e-commerce business is a business where you direct exchanges over the Internet. You are selling an item or service, making sales and collecting payment online. So essentially, any purchase made online would be an e-commerce exchange.

4. What do you like about learning how to begin an online store?

I love such a large number of things about this type of business. Most importantly, the flexibility of being an e-commerce business owner is incredible.

I’m a mother to a special need’s preschooler and wife to a disabled Navy vet. My schedule is insane most days of the week like I’m sure most mothers experience.

It’s great to have the flexibility to take my child to class in the first part of the day, address a task, head to a physical checkup, go to a trade show, travel, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I additionally love connecting with customers one on one. You get to meet a lot of interesting people and make some awesome connections en route.

The income potential for an e-commerce business is huge. You control your destiny. I like that the chance to increase your earnings is unlimited, and it feels great to be my own chief and work for myself.

Networking is a chance to connect with like-minded peers in your field, learn from each other, make friends, and that’s just the beginning.

5. What amount can an eCommerce business owner make?

The income potential for an e-commerce business owner is unlimited. It’s normal to run into a million-dollar e-commerce owner.