How to Start A Career in Web Development When You Have Zero Knowledge In It

Career in Web Development

Can a local hero become a great web developer or website builders web developers? Yes, there is nothing impossible in this world. There are musicians and artists who don’t have as much technical skills but found their way in the world of web development.

You don’t really need a background in math or computers for you to learn how to code. By starting with the basics and building your solid foundation, you can start a career in web development in the near future.

Here are the basics in building your solid foundation and knowledge to pursue your career in web development:

  1. Don’t be overwhelmed with all the things you have to learn. There are a lot of technical stuff you have to learn about in web development. You might even be scared, but don’t be too afraid to face these jargon. Even the most experienced developers today find it overwhelming to study new tools and languages coming in.
  2. Leave the more complicated stuff for some other time. Many new developers aim to learn the most recent developments without mastering the basics first. Don’t jump to libraries and frameworks right away when you are not yet so knowledgeable in HTML and JavaScript. You will eventually have to read about the more advanced stuff when you already covered all the basics.
  3. Break down your project into a manageable goal. So you don’t know where to start. Why don’t you kick start something that will challenge your skill as an aspiring web developer? Yes, begin by developing your own project. It doesn’t matter if it is a new app or a new website you have been longing to build. The idea is to push yourself to research. Of course, researching only begins when you find yourself asking how you will do something.
  4. Challenge yourself a little more. You might have heard a lot of times that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This is because there are hundreds of tools and resources already created to make your life simpler as a web developer. But many great web developers did not just rely on the readily available materials. They had depth and even challenged themselves to come up with original ideas.
  5. Focus on the aspect you truly enjoy. There are so many aspects in web development and it’s not necessary that you learn all about them in one go. You can become a front end developer if you are interested in improving the aesthetic appeal of websites. But if you are after solving bugs, you might have a better luck as a back end developer. If you are just after finding bugs and not necessarily fixing them, you might as well focus on QA engineering.

For now, take some time reading and researching about web development.

Perhaps take an online course. There are so many good courses out there that will teach you the essential skills you have to know if you want to be a freelancer. There are also career advisors that share their knowledge in web development.