How to Place a Boxed Trifecta Bet

Do you want to increase your odds of winning a horse bet at bandar togel? Why don’t you try boxing your bet? When you settle for a single trifecta bet, this means you need to choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd horse race finishers in proper order. This horse betting strategy is popular since even small wagers can be awarded a huge payout. This is because of the level of difficulty in choosing the top 3 finishers.

When someone boxes his bet, his finishers are allowed in whatever order. Yes, it will definitely cost more. However, there is no need predict the specific order accurately. This would increase a person’s winning odds.

Minimum Bet

In general, $1 is the minimum amount for a trifecta bet. Nevertheless, bigger amounts are welcome to be waged. A trifecta bet is available in all racetracks all over the glove, and it covers many breeds, from thoroughbred to greyhound.

Example Thoroughbred Racing Bet

Do you want to choose multiple horses in one specific race? Do you want to cover each trifecta combination? Then, go for the trifecta box.

Let’s take this example.

You feel the horses #4, #5, #3 and #2 in the 4th race would reach finish first, but is not sure about the order.

Since trifecta bets ask you to choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd horses in the exact finishing order, then this 4-horse box circumstance has 24 combinations.

Rather than waging for all 24 combinations separately, just say “$1 for one trifecta box, 3-4-5-6.” This will cost $24, and will cover all the combinations. Remember, the more selections you include in the box, the bigger the opportunity of getting money from a ticket.

Payouts and Combinations

Cost List:

  1. 3 Choices, Trifecta Box – $6
  2. 5 Choices, Trifecta Box – $60
  3. 4 Choices, Trifecta Box – $24
  4. 6 Choices, Trifecta Box – $120

Place Your Trifecta Box Bet Now!

  1. Choose your finishers ahead of time. Which horses have the greatest chance of reaching the top 3?
  2. Go to the window. Tell the clerk the track, race, and the horses you want to bet on.
  3. Are you planning on selecting a $1 worth trifecta? Just say “$1 trifecta box” and give the number of the dogs or horses you want to win.
  4. Make sure to check the ticket prior to leaving the betting window.