Scientific Treatments for Low Testosterone Levels in Men

If you’re experiencing low sperm count, loss of interest in sex and fatigue. This could be because of the lack of testosterone you have. Men generally have higher levels of testosterone than women which is why men are bigger in size and have more strength naturally.

However, if you start to experience low levels of testosterone it can greatly impact your health.

So in this article, we’ll look at some scientific treatments to solve low testosterone levels.

You can also use men’s health supplements to boost your testosterone levels temporarily.

Anyways, here are the treatments to fix your right up.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This treatment is made to increase testosterone levels in men to help protect bones, strengthen muscles and boost sex drive. However, this treatment is only recommended to those who have low testosterone levels in their blood. This treatment also doesn’t have a fixed outcome so the results vary from person to person.

Testosterone Injections

This one of the cheapest scientific forms of boosting your testosterone levels but beware that it might be painful. Shots of testosterone are injected into the body every 7 to 22 days for the body to slowly absorb it. The level of testosterone may fall and rise in between the shots.

Testosterone Patches/Gels

These patches or gels are put on the skin and how it works is that it will start leaking the hormone onto your skin which eventually gets absorbed into the skin. This method can be used daily so you can expect a constant level of testosterone. However, some people might experience skin itchiness, irritation or blisters. So take precautions before using them