Adrenal Fatigue, Hibernal fatigue, seasonal affective disorder- however you want to call
it, fatigue can make you feel lethargic.

You might already know that proper diet along with taking the right supplements and
following the right exercise regimen all contribute to help fight fatigue, but I want to
place major emphasis on nutrition.

Today, I am going to be talking about the foods that can help you fight fatigue for good.


For those of you who do not know, edamame is just another term that is used to refer to
soybeans. These are soybeans that are unripe and are rich in plant-based protein.

The protein that it contains can actually help people fight the negative effects of fatigue
as it helps tip the scales to help balance your hormone levels in the body.

It is also a known fact that amino acids can help you get more energy and improves
cognition and mental alertness. Fortunately, vegans can enjoy edamame without having
to worry about its consumption.

Hemp Seeds

Although not a lot of people know of this, hemp seeds are actually great for your health.
They are chockfull of amino acids, fats, minerals, and vitamins that are all essential for
optimal functioning of the body.

The beauty of hemp seeds is that you can easily incorporate it into whatever dish that
you want to eat. You can either add them to your salads or you can also add them to
your smoothies as well.


Chickpeas should be included in your diet since there is so much nutrition packed inside
its small frame. Chickpeas contain magnesium, manganese, folate, iron, zinc, copper-
which are all essential nutrients that improve your body’s endocrine system and brain.

Its rich nutrient profile actually does wonders for your hormone production and
neurochemistry which will, in turn, help reduce your stress levels and improve your mood.

Since it is also a good source of complex carbs, you will be filling your body with energy
that lasts for a much longer time.

Wild Rice

Although it is called wild ‘rice’, it is actually not your typical grain. It is technically an
edible grass that is packed with nutrients that your body needs. It is rich in iron, zinc,
folate, manganese, and magnesium which can aid in your body’s production of ATP-
essentially, your body’s fuel source.

Another great source of complex carbs, wild rice also contains protein that will be
converted to amino acids that can help alleviate fatigue and regulate the hormone levels
in your body as well.


Tofu is one of the best plant-based proteins out there and is a staple in many vegan
dishes. That is because tofu can be made in such a way that it improves flavor across
the board.

Tofu is rich in protein that can be converted to amino acids that will help fight fatigue
and improve your brain’s chemistry.

Plus, its nutrient profile can help regulate your hormone levels, as well as boosts your
immune system too.