At this day and age, businesses no longer need to rely on billboards, radio, print media and television alone to advertise and entertain. Companies all around the globe are now exploring and experiencing the wonders of the digital landscape. Specifically, the realm of mobile development is gradually growing.

Below are the disadvantages and advantages of developing mobile applications for small businesses. Do you think your company needs its own app?


Mobile apps can bring down marketing costs.

If you don’t have any mobile app, you would end up sending details through traditional media such as SMS. These are more expensive than contacting your clients through push notifications. Mobile apps can simplify your communication techniques. It allows you to reach out to your target market in a cost-effective, safe and fast manner.

Mobile apps offer greater value to customers.

Learn how to deliver greater value for your clients—something that they wouldn’t see anywhere else. You can offer them loyalty points, bonuses, or follower-only deals. This will keep them coming back for more.

Mobile apps strengthen your brand and business.

This is one of the most significant things a mobile app can do for your business. It improves brand awareness, and helps clients interact with you. Once you create a strong relationship through regular interaction, you are also nurturing trust among all of them.

Mobile apps provide little waiting time for customers.

Utilizing a mobile application is a lot quicker than browsing a website. Of course, the speed will depend on the type of network available in your vicinity. But, once the client launches the mobile app, it can only take one second.

Mobile apps remind customers of your brand.

For customers, it is very natural to be reminded only of the many things that are in front of you. What follows are the inclinations to use, buy and interact with these things. A mobile app surely has more value and visibility for the customer, compared to a website that can only be explored through a web browser.

Mobile apps keep users and customers hooked.

Customers love using mobile apps that make their lives easier. A simple mobile app can even engage them in a much effective, stronger way. Whether they are always in their workplace, gym or home, your business mobile app will always be with them. Surely, they would want to engage with it at will.


Developing a mobile app is expensive.

Creating a mobile app takes more money and time, compared to that of website development. If you want, you can even create different versions in different app stores.

The mobile app development process can be very complicated.

The process of creating a mobile app for your business can be complicated one. You need to make tons of crucial decisions. Things would be much more challenging if you don’t have any technical expertise. Android and iOS are two different operating systems, so creating an app for each one requires utmost focus. Make sure to hire a reliable professional who can take care of all the complexities and technicalities.