Are you looking for the best web hosting services in Malaysia? There are tons of reliable hosting providers you can choose from. Website hosting is a crucial factor in website creation, since it impacts not only the pages’ performance, but also all the other components that contribute to the entire cost. 

Several Types of Web Hosting

There are several types of website hosting, all at various price points, and providing multiple features. Find the right features that will help your business succeed in the digital landscape. A wrong choice of website host and hosting package can end in a disaster, costing more than what you expected.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one thing you can consider when you are just starting out. This is a top choice for both newbie business owners and bloggers because it’s budget friendly. In terms of performance, it’s not really the best. Why? Well, the hosting space is shared by many other people. 

Having a shared account means sharing server space and resources with many other clients. Since all the resources are split between multiple accounts, usually, the performance will really suffer.

Of course, if you are sharing a space with plenty of dormant hosting accounts that don’t utilize that much resources, then you will be fine. However, if you are sharing the server with several high-activity, active accounts, the performance will get even more limited. You need to wait for your owns hare of time for all the resources.

Usually, shared web hosting providers manage this well by placing some restrictions on the shared servers’ resource usage. If you are taking that much server resource time, then you will be pushed to upgrade to more costly plans.

The website hosting industry is a competitive one. Several provides are fighting for their own share in the market. Price is the main feature that matters a lot. This is the reason why they always offer incredible buy-in offers to new clients. Don’t get taken in by all of these “amazing” offers. The result? You may end up paying premium fees when it comes to web hosting plan renewals.