High-quality images are important website aspects. It is necessary to add various captivating images in your web pages to convert it into a remarkable experience for customers and visitors.

There are a lot of things to take note of when choosing website images, from dimensions and placements to colors and file sizes. This article can guide you or others website design expert in selecting the best stock images that can work for your brand.

Don’ts of Stock Photography

  • Don’t use too much symbolic images
  • Don’t use cliché stock images
  • Don’t just choose good images, it should fit your brand, text and industry

Do’s of Stock Photography

  • Use high-res images
  • Write alternative captions
  • Take the time to look for images

Where can you find high-quality images?


This is composed of a talented group of professionals who are committed to sharing good, license-free photos. You can gain access to the big library of more than a million incredible videos and photos, composed of different sizes and styles. If you want, you can even search per category, size and color. Searching based on particular keywords is also possible.


PhotoPin is one of the most basic image platforms you can use. It’s strength is in its simple design. Just like in any other search engine, just type in the keywords or search terms, then you’re good to go.


Barnimages may appear unique and quite unknown for some website users, but it actually offers amazing high-grade images free of charge. And, guess what? You wouldn’t see those images anywhere else. Why? Well, this platform is a photography project of Roman and Igor. They label their photos as non-stock images, and willingly provides people with photos they themselves appreciate.


There are plenty of cute stock photos in various websites. However, Gratisography proves that this is not the case. It has interesting and creative images—elements that can equip your website with quirkiness.


Are you looking for a cool image blog that always has new photos? Check out Unsplash. This photo blog posts new images every few days. They are all submitted by different photographers of varying interests. Thing is, there is no convenient method of looking for a particular image. However, you can look through the archives for some mesmerizing materials.

6.Life of Pix

Want more images from professional photographers? Then, go to Life of Pix. It publishes high-resolution images from talented individuals every week. Once you see their amazing shots, you wouldn’t settle for the usual cliched clichéd photos. They will surely give your ecommerce website a stunning vibe.


PicJumbo provides a vast collection of images under several categories. It was established in 2013, then after 2 years, it managed to meet a record-breaking 2.5 million downloaded images. Though there is an option to donate, you can always download images for free.


Pexels is a favorite of most bloggers and ecommerce website owners. It has a big collection of images, under several categories. It also provides other special features. For instance, you can filter the most popular photos or trending searches, if you need some more inspiration for your search.